is a distributed, Java-based application architecture built around the Frijoje web browser. Rather than having a defined state, the Frijole browser's rich, interactive user interface renders itself according to Beanshell scripts embedded in the in HTML pages it reads.

The Frijole application architecture provides a rich set of base classes that can be called from HTML-embedded Beanshell scripts. The scripts contained in simple HTML pages can coordinate and extend the base classes to rapidly create an unlimited variety of Swing-based Java applications.

Provided the base classes are installed on the local machine, Frijole developers can instantly upgrade all installations of their project by simply rewriting web page script code.

The simple, HTML based delivery also means that any web server can be used to define and control a Frijole application.

The Frijole project defines an HTML standard for embedded Beanshell scripts and also includes an optional J2EE helper application. Frijole's modular, library-based design makes it an ideal open source project that an unlimited number of programmers can contribute to.

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